29 June 2009

“If I weren’t here, I’d be on a plane to Sri Lanka" - Jim Rogers on wonderful opportunities in Sri Lanka

By Shiyin Chen - May 21 (Bloomberg)

Investor Jim Rogers said he sees “wonderful opportunities” in Sri Lanka after the government overran Tamil Tiger rebels.

Rogers told a conference in Singapore that he would like to go to Sri Lanka to see “great, cheap” opportunities in the country after the end of a 26-year civil war, citing “dramatic” changes in the country.

“If I weren’t here, I’d be on a plane to Sri Lanka right now,” Rogers said.

Myanmar also offers “enormous” potential for investors, Rogers said, given the country’s location next to India and China and its natural resources.

“If I was looking for new places to invest, that would be high on my list,” Rogers said, referring to Myanmar.

Elsewhere in Asia, Rogers said he is convinced China and Taiwan are moving in a peaceful direction. His stocks picks include Chinese and Indian water suppliers.

In Asia, infrastructure and power companies offer opportunities.

Rogers doesn’t have any short sales in place at the moment, he said.

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