22 October 2010

Why Invest in Sri Lankan Tourism Industry - Sri Lanka, the Gateway to Asian Tourism highway

Tourism is the Fastest Growing Industry in Sri Lanka

  • Tourist arrivals are picking up. For the last nine months ended in September 2010, tourist arrivals are up almost 50 percent year-on-year.
  • Tourism earnings too have kept pace with a 69 percent growth.
  • The Hotel and Travel Index of Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) increased by 199% in 2009.
  • Room capacity has be increased immediately in order to cater to increasing tourist arrivals. Sri Lanka has only 15,000 rooms at present. 13,000 rooms will have to be build within the next 2-3 years.

Sri Lanka, the Tourist Destination
Sri Lanka has always been a tourist destination. Due to its unique location in the Silk Route in the past Sri Lanka attracted many merchants and explorers. Strategically located at the cross road of both east and west, Sri Lanka continues to serve as an easy point of entry to South Asia and ideal destination to transit and visit. Its uniqueness and size earned it the name 'Taprobane' and 'The Pearl of the Indian Ocean'. Its diversity is great even as its size is small in comparison to neighbouring countries.
This Small Miracle offers leisure and business travellers a spectrum of attractions. The sandy white beaches and attractive underwater life that surrounds the Island give visitors a chance to unwind and relax in a warm and comfortable setting. The beautiful rain forests, mountain ranges and scenic plantations can be visited within a few hours (approx. 4-5 hours travel time), and visitors can also visit the wildlife sanctuaries. Its commercial cities offer many an investment opportunity to the business traveller.

Why Invest in Sri Lanka Tourism
Now Sri Lanka is a nation at peace with the end of long terrorist war in the North of the country. A stable political climate prevailing now in the country will help Sri Lanka to develop into a major Global Logistics Hub in the South Asian region for trade, investment, communications, and financial services.
Sri Lanka offers,
  • Strategic access to the Indian market.
  • A highly literate and cost competitive labour force.
  • Attractive and transparent laws.
  • Sri Lanka’s open economy is ranked as the most liberalised economy in South Asia.
Investors enjoy a range of facilities and incentives that include,
  • Preferential tax rates coupled with tax holidays.
  • Exemptions from exchange control.
  • 100% repatriation of profits.
  • Constitutional guarantees on investment.
The Sri Lankan government together with the Sri Lanka Tourism (SLT) are committed to the development and growth of the local Tourism industry. SLTDA one stop shop helps investors to obtain all necessary approvals to speed up construction without hindrance.
The country’s Board of Investment (BOI) offer potential foreign investors lucrative incentives to start up tourism establishments.
The Government’s vision of making Sri Lanka the foremost leisure destination in the South Asian Region has following key objectives:-
  • Achieve 2 million tourist arrivals by 2016.
  • Target up scale Free Independent Travellers (FITS), who are comparatively high spenders.
  • Make tourism Sri Lanka’s third largest foreign exchange earner.
  • Transform tourism to be the fastest job creator and help reduce unemployment numbers.

How We Can Help You

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  1. Well, Sri Lanka is a tourist's paradise and one of the finest islands in Asia. Magnificent pristine beaches, lush-green hills, wild life, exotic cuisine and stately waterfalls are awesome. I think it should Govt must see its tourism industry future.

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