02 September 2010

Sri Lanka Tourism Statistics and Tourist Arrivals

Sri Lanka Tourist Arrivals in February 2012 Up by 27pct

Sri Lanka Tourist Arrivals in January 2012 Up by 15.7pct

Sri Lanka Tourist Arrivals in December 2011 Up by 15.2pct

800,000th Tourist in 2011 to Visit Sri Lanka Welcomed at Bandaranaike International Airport

Tourist Arrivals by Month from 2010 to 2011 - SLTDA

Monthly Statistical Bulletin - SLTDA
Sri Lanka Tourist Arrivals by month and Statistics

Annual Statistical Reports - SLTDA
Annual Report that assesses year’s performance.

Sri Lanka Tourism Research and Statistics - SLTDA

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  1. Well, one of my relative visited there and he really enjoyed himself. Sri Lanka is a tourist's paradise and one of the finest islands in Asia. Magnificent pristine beaches, lush-green hills, wild life, exotic cuisine and stately waterfalls are awesome.


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