16 May 2010

2nd POWER Sri Lanka 2010 - Sri Lanka’s Premier International Expo on Power Generation and Energy

2nd POWER Sri Lanka 2010, 3 - 5 June 2010 at Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka

'2nd POWER Sri Lanka 2010’ International Expo, organized by CEMS-Gobal - CEMS USA in association with CEMS INDIA - having a reputation as a Multinational Exhibition organizer and bringing the best Trade Shows on the most important Industry topics for over 17 years now, will be Sri Lanka’s premier International exhibition on Power Generation and Energy, which will bring together specialists engaging in the Power Engineering Industry, leading Manufacturers and Distributors / Representatives from all over the world in Sri Lanka.

With the ever-growing power & energy needs of Sri Lanka thus making a need to explore newer opportunities in the Power, Energy, PV (Photo Voltaic) and Renewable Energy sectors of Sri Lanka, 2nd POWER Sri Lanka 2010 will be the perfect B2B platform for the entire Power & Energy Industry of Sri Lanka including Sri Lankan Industry stakeholders who will attend and get the opportunity to see the latest technologies and innovations in the Power Generation and Energy sector thus delivering a great networking opportunity.

Highlights - Event Profile of RE POWER Sri Lanka 2010
Renewable Energy is the need of the moment. RE Power Sri Lanka 2010 will offer Renewable Energy solutions and showcase the latest green energy products, technologies, services, and information related to Energy and the Environment, including everything associated in the new and renewable energy fields.

Highlights - Event Profile of PV POWER Sri Lanka 2010
2nd POWER Sri Lanka 2010 will also have a defined segment on `Solar Photo Voltaic Power Generation’ in `PV Power Sri Lanka 2010’ to be held concurrently with the main event from June 3 ~ 5, 2010 at Sri Lanka International Exhibition & Convention Centre (SLECC), Colombo – Sri Lanka.

Highlights - Event Profile of E - POWER Sri Lanka 2010 Yet another addition to `2nd POWER Sri Lanka 2010 International Expo’ is the `E-Power Sri Lanka 2010’ focusing on Electric Power Equipment and Technology, being held concurrently with the main exhibition from June 3 ~ 5, 2010 at Sri Lanka International Exhibition & Convention Centre (SLECC), Colombo – Sri Lanka.

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