28 June 2011

Sri Lanka's Commercial Production of Oil Could Start by 2017 - Professor Stuart Burley of Cairn India

28th June 2011, www.news360.lk

Professor Stuart Burley, Head of Geo sciences of Cairn India says commercial production of oil in Sri Lanka will start by the year 2017.

He said this is taking into consideration that the country succeeds in finding oil in the Gulf of Mannar basin.

Burley who was speaking at a workshop held in Colombo this morning reiterated Cairn’s plans to start oil drilling work in the Gulf of Mannar during this August.

He said, 3 wells have been identified in the Mannar basin to start drilling activities and added that the explorers will drill one well at a time,

Burley says, drilling a well takes over 01 year while the Appraisal and the Development part will take another 4 years, leading up to starting of commercial production.

Cairn is planning to drill a well up to a depth of 3.5 kilometers.

“We believe there is oil and gas at that level” added Burley.

Already Cairn has hired “Chikyu deep-water drill-ship” from Japan to start drilling activities, which Burley says is a world class facility.

He says the cost for hiring a drill-ship per day runs up to US$ 500,000.

According to Burley finding of a “source rock” in Pesale, an area which was tested for possible existence of oil in the seventies is an indication of having oil and gas in the area.

Gulf of Mannar basin and Pesale is located in the same area.

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  1. Thank God! At long last, cheap oil for us, Sri Lankans?

  2. Reserve your comments! Haven't you seen the 'if" in the story?

  3. If Professor Stuart Burley of Cairn India says Sri Lanka will produce oil on commercial scale, it will certainly happen.
    Bob R

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