09 July 2011

SL Navy Shifts Whale Watching Expeditions to Eastern Seas from Southern as Migration Starts with the Monsoon

06th June 2011, www.news360., By Prasanna C Rodrigo

Starting from this month Sri Lanka Navy will shift its Whale watching expeditions from Southern seas to the once troubled Eastern seas of the country.

SLN says the shifting comes as the Whales who appeared in the Southern seas during the November to February period have now started to appear in the Eastern Sea.

Commodore N. Artigala of Sri Lanka Navy said, Whales start migrating from one area to another when the Monsoon season begins, which is now experienced in the South of the country.

According to Artigala the Whales can be now seen in the Mullative seas and also in the seas closer to the Trincomalee Harbour.

He said “If you’re lucky you can see them in the vicinity of the port”.

However, the Commodore added, unlike in the Southern seas where sometimes groups numbering to 20 to 25 Whales can be seen, in the Eastern seas only few Whales can be seen at a time.

“Alfa 543” a ship which transported soldiers from Trincomalee to Jaffna and vice versa during the war time will conduct the “Whale Watching Expeditions” in the Eastern Sea.

The first expedition of the “Alfa 543” which will operate from the Trincomalee port is scheduled for today.

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  1. These are Humpback whales bubble net feeding...this does not occur in Sri Lanka..stop using false images.


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