09 July 2011

Sri Lanka India Ferry Service Allows cars to be Brought in under Flemingo Liners' Drive In Drive Out Facility

07th July 2011, www.news360.lk

With a view to provide tourists visiting Colombo via a ship from Tuticorin with a unique holiday experience, Flemingo Liners, the international passenger ferry service operating in the sector, has launched a “Drive in-Drive out” facility on its vessel Scotia Prince.

According to the ferry operator, this new facility will enable tourists to take their vehicles with them on the ferry and drive around at the destination.

The first passengers to avail of this facility on board the Scotia Prince were two Australians who used the facility to travel from India to Sri Lanka. They had obtained the certificate from the Australian Automobile Association.

P K Thimmayya, CEO, Flemingo Liners, said, “We are happy to add a new dimension to the travel itinerary and are hopeful that this will open up an entirely new category of clientele who would like to travel with their own car into Sri Lanka and vice versa.”

“The vehicles would be checked inside the ship as registered baggage which the passenger can then claim on reaching their destination,” he said.

To avail this facility, passengers (tourists) need to obtain the ‘Carnet de Passage’ document (costing around Rs 5,000) from the Automobile Association of India. On reaching Sri Lanka, the passengers should approach the local Automobile

Association to obtain a temporary registration certificate to go around the country in the vehicle.

Tourists should bear in mind that they should return within six months to a year and must provide a bank guarantee. The tourists need to be a member of the Automobile Association, which would charge Rs 4,412 for a lifetime membership.

They also need to get their vehicles inspected and have to declare the tools they are taking with them.

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  1. Is moving with the car from Sri Lanka to India in the process ?..moreover the peoples visiting Sri Lanka from India is less in numbers and peoples visiting Sri Lanka to India are is high in number, So it will be very useful for providing a facility like travelling with vehicle to India.

  2. But driving in India would be a nightmare even for Sri Lankan drivers who are not the most disciplined in the world!

  3. I am 40 years of age, married with three daughters. I am a practicing Buddhist. My 2 elder daughters are at school and the youngest is still at home with Erandi, my wife who is a very caring housewife.I have been touring Sri Lanka Driver for the past 22 years. Touring is what I can do best, knowing every nock and corner of my beloved home country. So taking you on a wonderful and exciting trip is my dedication.


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