08 April 2013

Consumer Electricity Tariff - Need is for a Long Term Vision - Eng Parakrama Jayasinghe

08th April 2013,By Eng Parakrama Jayasinghe

Energy Security is within our grasp!

What is needed is the courage to grab it.

The current mire
  • The tariff is the highest in the region
  • The cross subsidies cause dissatisfaction
  • The CEB continues to lose money every year
  • There is no solution in sight
  • World energy trends are ignored
Who pays for the subsidies?
  • The electricity bill may seem low with the subsidies
  • But the Billions of deficit is covered by public funds – that is all of us
  • The real beneficiaries are the Oil and Coal suppliers and their local agents
Who is responsible?
  • We all are paying for the cardinal sin of believing the myths of cheap electricity round the corner and abdicating our responsibility to speak out.
  • The latest is Coal power at Rs 7.50 according to the Minister when the fuel price alone per unit is about Rs 7.00
  • Many excuses are offered but !
  • Those in authority has not been able to offer a viable solution and have let the country down
  • It is time for the consumers to make a stand
  • But the solution is not to expect more and more subsidies

How the high tariff should have worked - The Rice Story Vs The Electricity Story

The problem of Peak Load
  • The current generation capacity is enough to meet the average demand. ( 3100 MW Vs 2100 )
  • New coal plants are proposed to meet the additions to peak load ignoring the ever increasing price of coal
  • Indigenous alternatives are not even considered as candidates in the planning
The way out

The tariff policy must have the objectives of :-
  • Time based target for limiting fossil fuel usage to a minimum
  • Do not build new coal plants to meet the peak load  demand – there is enough capacity for many years to come to meet the average demand
  • Promote self generation at least during peak hours to avoid the need for any more coal plants
  • Impose limits on total generation cost  for the coming years.  The current expectation that what ever amount CEB spends have to be recovered from consumers is untenable and unsustainable. The expectation that the fuel surcharge can be removed with termination of oil based power is a fallacy as the coal prices too are moving up
  • Phase out the subsidies gradually
  • Offer time of day tariff to all segments – GP 1 and HP 1 to start with this year
  • Make the peak time tariff cost reflective and the off peak tariff low enough to incentivize self generation
  • Provide additional incentives for self generation using indigenous resources

Daily Load Curve – Up to 2007

Predicted Daily Load Curve - From 2007 to 2026

Fossil Fuels Price Movement

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  1. Very good presentation. How did you get this. Please pass me his contact details to give him more recent facts to add.

  2. Dear Engineer Parakrama Jayasinghe,

    Please keep up the good work and hope all concerned parties --both government and private-- would extend their fullest support to realize your proposed plan. It can be done provided the will is there.

  3. Great report you present, very good work, keep it up.

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