07 April 2013

Capital Market to Contribute 50pct of Sri Lanka's GDP by 2016. Present Contribution is 30pct of GDP of $ 60bn

04th April 2013, www.dailynews.lk, By H DH Senewiratne

The capital market is expected to contribute US $ 50 billion for the country’s GDP by year 2016, therefore the Stock Brokers should be geared to handle the highest number of deposits in the future, Director General Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Dr Nalaka Godahewa said.

“Sri Lanka’s GDP would be US $ 100 billion by 2016, out of which 50 percent should contribute from the capital market. Therefore, each stock broker should be geared to manage many retail accounts, “Dr Godahewa said at the launch of the Colombo Stock Brokers Association website and also introduced code of principles of best practices at the event.

He said that right now the country’s total GDP was US $ 60 billion and the capital market’s contribution to the GDP was only 30 percent.

There are more than 220,000, accounts in the Capital Depository System, he said.

“At present the country has 29 stock brokering companies, each company should be geared to manage at least 20,000 retail deposits. Therefore all stakeholders should work together to make a vibrant stock market to achieve that target.

To popularize the capital market education aspect plays a pivotal role because our present market is a speculative market than the research base market,” he said.

” When the foreign investors are investing in Sri Lanka they have little knowledge on few companies.

Therefore, research on companies would help to create a vibrant and strong market in the country.

“With the stability in the market, the debt market has performed well, better than we expected. Therefore, we have to find ways and means to face future challenges to make a vibrant market,” he said

The President of the Colombo Stock Brokers Association (CSBA) Dimuthu Abeysekera said that in developing a vibrant equity market, the role of stockbrokers is crucial and into this equation comes the tenets of transparency and enhancing effectiveness across the market.

He said that facilitating a customer centric solution in securities trading in Sri Lanka would be a primary objective for the stock broking community, while maximizing financial returns for the broader investor community by proving prudent timely information,” he said.

Colombo Stock Exchange is showing stability at present and the development of the overall capital market by introducing Principles of Best Practice that would help to promote the professionalism to the market,” he said.

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