14 December 2009

Public Utilities website Launched. Official Website of the Regulator for Infrastructure Industries

11th December 2009, firstlanka.com

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has launched its official website (www.pucsl.gov.lk) for the benefit of all the stakeholders at the Government Information Department. PUCSL as the regulator for infrastructure industries in the country started regulatory activities in the electricity industry with the enactment of Sri Lanka Electricity Act No.20 of 2009.

Accordingly, PUCSL regulate economic, safety, and technical aspects of the industry through the licenses issued to Ceylon Electricity Board, Lanka Elecricity Company and other independent energy producers, the PUCSL Chairman Jayatissa De Costa said at the launching ceremony of this official website.

He pointed out that the PUCSL website provides lot of information about the organization and industries it regulated.

For the benefit of all the stakeholders, salient features of the website have been summarized as follows;

1. Website has been developed in three languages (English, Sinhala & Tamil) and it will be updated in all the languages.

2. Website provides an opportunity for consumers to submit their complaints to the commission directly.

3. Consumers can verify their electricity bill using the bill calculator provided in the website more easily.

4. Detailed explanation has been given about the industries it regulates.

5. Events calendar provides information on scheduled forthcoming events of the commission.

6. Latest news and notices of the Commission are shown in home page of the website.

Courtesy: Government Information Department

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