25 April 2010

Colombo Stock Exchange Ecstatic on Government's Stability

23rd April 2010, www.sundaytimes.lk

The Colombo bourse ended trading on Friday on ecstatic investor sentiment, with analysts saying that the new government’s stability has given them a positive outlook in this post-war economy in the country.

“The market saw a significant shift in investor sentiment during this week as investors, mostly retailers denoted buying interest in most of the blue chip stocks,” an analyst said.

He said that the market recorded lavish gains on all four trading days of the shortened trading week as premier banking counters, diversified counters, manufacturing counters and Hotel counters registered significant price appreciations.

The All Share Price Index rose 44.09 points to close at 4,121.64 points (+1.08%), whilst the Milanka Price Index also increased 19.05 points to close at 4,695.83 points (+0.41%).

Share Volume was at 60,243,597 with the total turnover at Rs 1,780.8 million.

Domestic purchases amounted to Rs 1,686.5 million while domestic sales amounted to Rs 1,329.6 million.

Foreign purchases amounted to Rs.94.3 million whilst foreign sales amounted to Rs.451.1 million.

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