20 April 2010

Replica Ship Jewel of Muscat in Galle, Sri Lanka on a Historic Voyage from Oman to Singapore

19th April 2010, www.news.lk

The ‘Jewel of Muscat’, a replica of a 9th century Arab trading vessel which is on a historic voyage sailing from Oman to Singapore has arrived in Galle. The 18-meter-long vessel left the Kerala port of Cochin in India on 10th April and sailed through a tropical storm to arrive in Galle.

A ceremony will be held today to welcome the old world Arabian ship. The ship, a gift from Oman to Singapore set sail on 16th February from the Omani port of Sultan Qaboos. Using the 9th century navigation techniques the vessel reached the port of Cochin in India on March 15th after covering 1300 miles in 28 days.

Tuanie Ismail, a native of Kandy joined the voyage from Cochin for the second leg along with a British national, Geoffrey Dobbs, who currently lives in Galle. From Galle the ship will sail across the Bay of Bengal through the Straits of Malacca to Singapore where it will be displayed in a museum. It is expected to reach Singapore in June 2010.

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