22 April 2010

SriLankan Re-commences Flights to London, Paris and Milan with the Lifting of Restrictions by Eurocontrol

22nd April 2010, www.dailymirror.lk

SriLankan Airlines re-commenced flights to London, Paris and Milan following the lifting of restrictions by Eurocontrol, yesterday, the Airline said in a statement. SriLankan operated flights to Paris and Milan early last morning, while flights to London commenced in the late afternoon.
The airline, when this issue went to print was awaiting the latest information from Eurocontrol with regard to restarting flights to Frankfurt. Services to Rome were not disrupted and are continuing as scheduled.

However the Airline acknowledges that the situation is continuously changing due to wind patterns and further eruptions from the volcano. Sri Lankan is liaising with Eurocontrol and monitoring the situation.

The Airline is planning several additional flights for the convenience of passengers whose travel was disrupted. The airline’s regular schedule consists of 19 flights per week to its five European destinations.

Eurocontrol is the organization which has authority over all commercial flying in Europe. Passengers whose flights were disrupted will be accommodated on additional flights, with those booked on the earliest flights which were disrupted being accommodated first.

The Airline advises passengers to call ahead several hours prior to flight departure to check if their flight is operating as scheduled.

Passengers whose flights were disrupted should call SriLankan Airlines on 01 9733 5500 to check on their alternate flights.

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