09 May 2011

Hydro Power Electricity Helps Sri Lanka Reduce Thermal Power Generation Reducing Carbon Emissions by 1.15mn Tons

08th May 2011, www.news360.lk

Sri Lanka has produced more hydro power based electricity during last year, surpassing the initial target thus helping the sector to reduce its annual carbon emissions by around 1.15 million tons.

The Ministry of Power and Energy says, during the year 2010 the Ceylon Electricity Board, the countries main power utility has produced 5,720 GW of electricity via Hydro power plants compared to an earlier estimated figure of just 4,063 GW.

Earlier, the authorities were planning to produce 6,680 GW of electricity via thermal based power plants, but later the required figure has come down thus resulting in the generation of only 4995 GW of electricity.

Reduction in Thermal power generation has helped to reduce the level of carbon emitted from the sector.

Ministry officials say, if this amount is sold in the international market for carbon credit, the country will be able to earn a sum of R. 2,600 million.

In recent years, Sri Lanka’s dependence on thermal power has been increasing owing to the growing demand for electricity and the limited capacity of the hydro power plants to generate electricity to meet the demand.

However, good rain during last year helped to produce more hydro power.

Sri Lanka is currently constructing its last mega Hydro Power project in Upper Kotmale while a coal power plant, which is the country’s first such plant came into operation recently.

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