08 May 2011

Sri Lanka to Provide Solar Power to the 10pct National Grid doesn't Reach in its bid for 100pct Electrification by 2012

06th May 2011, www.lankabusinessonline.com

Sri Lanka is to provide solar power for the 10 percent of homes that cannot be reached by extending the national electricity grid in its bid to ensure 100 percent electrification by 2012.

The Cabinet of ministers has approved a proposal by the power and energy minister Patali Ranawaka to introduce advanced solar powered white LED (light emitting diode) lighting products, a statement said.

The LEDs will be to power the basic lighting needs of about 150,000 homes and other locations beyond the reach of the grid.

About 10 percent of homes still depend on kerosene for lighting and most are beneficiaries of the state 'Samurdhi' welfare programme, the statement said.

The project will save 1.15 billion rupees spent on kerosene a year.

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  1. Hope after his observation of "Dasa Sil", our minister will turn greener. Sunil

  2. Ya.. And if the CEB can provide subsidized solar panels and grid tie inverter systems for homes with the main line connection then the homes can themselves power the national grid during the day time!!!...


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