01 March 2011

Visakhapatnam in East coast of India to be Connected to Colombo by Direct Flight & to Trincomalee by Ferry Service

28th February 2011, www.news360.lk

Sri Lanka says the city of Visakhapatnam which is located in the Eastern coast of India will be connected to Colombo via direct flights and to Trincomalee through a ferry service.

This was disclosed by Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner for India Prasad Kariyawasam who was speaking at a recent seminar organized by the Andra Chamber of Commerce of Visakhapatnam.

Further speaking at the seminar titled “Business Development and Investment Opportunities in Sri Lanka”, Kariyawasam said this would be done for both “commerce and pleasure travel”.

The High Commissioner said building up such connectivity between Sri Lanka and India is vital to facilitate commerce between the two nations.

According to Kariyawasam already, 98 flights per week connects Colombo and various Indian cities and about 70% of Colombo Port’s capacity is utilized for transshipments to and from India.

Kariywasam announced the upcoming Indian investments in Sri Lanka are expected to be in areas such as oil exploration, power, IT, telecom sector, hotels and resorts and the development of Special Economic Zones.

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  1. Ferry Services between India and Sri Lanka is something we have not fully utilized. Due to unsettled conditions earlier, direct flights were used, but now that peace is there, both countries should use ferry services to the full as they are cheaper, can carry more passenger, etc. So, this new proposal to have an additional service from Vishakapattana is a good idea. We should have more of those. Sunil


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