05 January 2012

Rs 45bn Raised in 2011 via IPO’s & Rights Issues by Sri Lankan Firms

04th January 2012, www.news360.lk

Sri Lankan firms has raised Rs. 45 billion via IPO’s and Rights issues conducted through the Colombo Stock Exchange, during the year 2011, announced the Central Bank.

According to the Bank, Rs. 19 billion has been raised via 13 IPO’s and Rs. 26 billion has been raised via 22 rights issues.

The Colombo Stock Exchange has also seen the listing of 26 firms in the bourse during the year 2011 thus taking the total listed firms to 267.

The net foreign outflow of the market during the year 2011 has recorded a figure of Rs. 19 billion, which is 0.9% of the market capitalization of Rs. 2,214 billion.

Central Bank figures show that the total value of foreign holdings of the CSE at end 2011 stood at Rs. 437 billion thus representing 20% of the total market capitalization.

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