24 September 2010

Sydney Morning Herald Nominates Bogawantalawa Best Places to Have a Cup of Tea

23rd September 2010, www.island.lk

The ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ has identified Bogawantalawa Valley as one of the top ten places in the world to have a cup of tea. Bogawantalawa Valley has been rated with locations such as The Ritz London, Trans-Siberian Railway Russia, Yueyang China, Temple-strewn Uji district in Japan and the historical Inca Trail in Peru.

The Sydney Morning Herald’, the oldest newspaper in Australia that is famous for maintaining high standards of journalism, in their recently conducted survey, referring to the Golden Valley of Tea in Sri Lanka stated "To get in among the action take to the trails in the Bogawantalawa Valley, where you can walk or cycle between old planters’ villas and pluck a few leaves for yourself."

Out of about 450 tea exporters in Sri Lanka only 3 have their own tea plantations. BTE is one of them. This has ensured cost effectiveness, adherence to quality standards and has eliminated the usual interruptions that take place during conventional method of export.

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