22 September 2010

Sri Lanka's Raigam Promotes Tourism in the Saltern in Kuchchaveli

22nd September 2010, www.dailynews.lk

Raigam will exploit opportunities in tourism industry with their saltern in Kuchchaveli. Raigam Group Chairman and CEO, Dr Ravi Liyanage told Daily News Business that there is a good potential and capacity to promote tourism coupled with the saltern.

“Many migratory birds from countries such as Australia and Malaysia are attracted to the salt pans because of the accumulating of Artemia. These feeding beds will attract many local and foreign tourists who enjoy bird watching. Under the Nagenahira Navaodaya Program, Kuchchaveli Tourism Development Zone is planned to be set up with the construction of 80 tourists hotels. This zone is mapped to be located in front of the saltern. Therefore, it will attract high profiled tourists to the area,” Liyanage said.

Kuchchaveli is best known for roaming wild elephants which can be another tourist attraction.

Raigam will exploit that opportunity by setting up cottages for tourists to promote elephant watching.

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