15 March 2011

Geo Responsibility Awards by Geocycle Recognise Industries with Best Environmental Management

15th March 2011, www.dailynews.lk

Geocycle Day will be celebrated on March 22 with a series of activities to popularize sustainable waste management amongst industrial community. Geocycle wishes to create awareness and encourage professional waste management among all industrialists in Sri Lanka.

The key event will be ‘Geo Responsibility Award 2011’ held on March 22, at Mihilaka Medura, BMICH from 3.00 to 7.00 pm.

With ‘Geo Responsibility Awards’, Geocycle expects to give recognition to industries that practice best environmental management system amongst industries currently registered with them.

Assessment and evaluation will be carried by an independent Technical Committee comprising of experts representing the Environment Ministry, Central Environmental Authority, Industries and Commerce Ministry, Board of Investments of Sri Lanka, Industrial Technology Institution, National Cleaner Production Centre and Moratuwa University.

These awards and certificates will be issues in collaboration with the Environment Ministry of Sri Lanka, who will also lead the Technical Committee.

Winners will be recognized with gold, silver and bronze awards whilst others will be recognized with merit certificates for their commitment towards professional sustainable waste management.

What make Geocycle’s commitment and service exceptional in professional waste management solutions is its capacity and global expertise in disposing hazardous wastes.

Geocycle commenced providing this invaluable service far back as March 2005 while Geocycle has extended its services to more industries over the years.

Geocycle has disposed 179, 959 metric tonnes of wastes for the last five years. If not, this volume of waste would probably have ended up in land fills, water bodies or burning, causing severe damages to the environment.

Today around 125 organizations from various industries obtain waste management service from Geocycle. Ship and boat building, FMCG products, pharmaceutical, agro-chemical, rubber are to name a few.

Geocycle continues to be the only institution to be official certified for disposing of hazardous waste in Sri Lanka, in addition to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001.

The state-of-the-art analytical laboratory of Geocycle provides analytical reports for conventional and waste derived fuels.

This too is the only laboratory in Sri Lanka of this nature and is probably one of the best laboratories within the region.

Geocycle Analytical Laboratory is certified for 17025 and is listed as a competent laboratory by Central Environmental Authority.

The newly established pre-processing facility at Katunayake Export Processing Zone has helped to extend its services to more industries bringing further convenience.

This facility again is one of the best in the region and the only facility in Sri Lanka to pre-process hazardous wastes, whilst ensuring zero environmental contamination.

Geocycle has the capacity to dispose diverse range of waste in the most environmental friendly way. Non-hazardous waste such as rice husk and saw dust, as well as hazardous waste such as industrial sludge, ink, dyes, mineral oil and oil contaminated wastes, solvent, paints, lacquers, varnish, agro-chemicals, expired pharmaceuticals and PCB, PBB, PCT wastes could be disposed in through this.

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