01 March 2011

Sri Lanka Generates Power from Garbage. ‘Jaiwa Skanda’ Plans 38 Projects to Generate 259MW

28th February 2011, www.island.lk, By Ifham Nizam

Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka has instructed his ministry officials to initiate projects to generate power from garbage.

A Power and Energy Ministry official told The Island yesterday that the pilot projects would commence in March in Colombo city and its suburbs.

The Minister expected that by 2015 the national grid could be augmented with non-traditional renewable energy sources. The Ministry would also implement small scale hydro power projects and tap wind power to step up the national power supply, the official said.

Under the project named ‘Jaiwa Skanda’, 38 projects have been launched in the city and its suburbs utilising solid waste and the amount of power expected is 259 MW.

Meanwhile, eight more projects are in the construction stage, while three projects are currently operational providing an additional 12 MW to the National Grid.

According to Power and Energy Ministry sources, those biomass projects would also help solve the problem of garbage in the city and its suburbs.

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