22 April 2011

Sri Lanka Tourist Arrivals in March 2011 Up by 43.5pct

12th April 2011, www.lbr.lk

Sri Lanka's tourism arrivals rose 43.5 percent in March 2011 to 75,130, with steep increases seen from South Asia and several European generating markets, data from the tourist promotion office showed.

March arrivals were the highest ever for a single month since December 2010, when 84,000 visitors came, an official said. Last year Sri Lanka's tourist arrivals rose 46 percent to 654,476 after a 30-year war ended.

Arrivals from Western Europe, a key source of revenue to the country's resort hotels, rose 37.6 percent to 30,003.

Visitors from France rose 105 percent to 5,899, Sweden rose 260 percent to 1,446, Italy rose 78.2 percent to 1,112, The Netherlands rose 74 percent to 1,951 and Germany was up 11.3 percent to 5,904. Britain, the largest western market, was up 3.4 percent to 8,852.

South Asian visitors were up 64.5 percent to 21,063 with India rising 58 percent to 12,613 maintaining its position as the top source of visitors, while Pakistan surged 237.7 percent to 2,067. Maldives rose 48 percent to 4,677.

Australia and New Zealand rose 50 percent to 3,540 and North America was up 16.8 percent to 3,990. Middle East rose 38 percent to 4,067 and East Asia rose 29.3 percent to 7,033.

Chinese arrivals increased 69 percent to 1,361, Japan rose 22.7 percent to 1,525 and Malaysia was also up 22.7 percent to 1,329 and Singapore was up 31.6 percent to 1,198.

In the first quarter, arrivals were up 34.1 percent from a year earlier.

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Anonymous said...

From where did you get this info.On this month we got charter flight from Iran with their New Year. Its never under mention from this report. Why

Anonymous said...

It says, from the total of 75,130 visitors in the month of March 2011, 4,067 were from Mid East. May be your contribution is accounted for under that category.

These figures are from SLTDA and if you feel charter flight from Iran are not counted, please let us have more information so that we could inform SLTDA about that.

Thank you



Sri lanka tourism said...

Nice information, as a travel agent we know the traffic for sri lanka has increased a lot

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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