04 February 2012

Ultra Modern Solar Power system for Sri Lanka's Yala National Park, Buthawa Wild Life Bungalow

29th January 2012, www.sundayobserver.lk, By M Nelson Piyaratne

Sri Lanka's first green energy system was declared open by the Wild Life Conservation and Agricultural Minister S.N. Chandrasena on Wednesday (25) at Buthawa Wild Life bungalow in Yala National Park.

This solar system was introduced to Sri Lanka by James Consulting (PVT) Ltd, NiceLux (PVT) with the partnership of Nawoo L.D.D. Incorporated in Korea.

This ultra modern solar power system is the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka and its special feature is that this solar panel needs only half an hour sunlight to get the batteries fully charged and the power lasts for four days.

In addition to supplying solar power to illuminate the bungalow the company has installed two street lamps with separate solar panels which change its direction according to the movement of the Sun.

So that regular solar power is absorbed to the panels without interruption.

The other special feature is that these street lamps react to the heat of the body and the movement of the objects so that automatically lamps give a brighter light if a vehicle or a wild elephant came within the ten metre radius of the lamps.

These street lamps are automatically switched on at the dusk and switches off at the dawn saving energy and money.These solar panels of the street lamps automatically come to a vertical position in the night allowing all the dust got collected in the day time to be cleaned up by the overnight falling of dew drops in the night. Minister Chandrasena said that he was thankful to Korean companies for installing this invaluable system in his tenure as the minister of Wild Life.

Managing Director of the Korean CompanyDavid Kim said that he was happy to install this system in Sri Lanka under the invitation of minister Chandrasena and they would like to co- work with Sri Lankan government to introduce this independent electrical system to isolated places of Sri Lanka where wired electricity system is expensive.

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  1. Yeah so nice, but how about a KW rate to show how powerful it is?

  2. Nice to see these things slowly happening. PV kW ratings costs etc would be useful. Charging the battery in one hour so that it can be used for 4 days seems to be an expensive design. When there is an average sunshine of about 5,5hours/day the battery getting fully charged in half a day would be more than sufficient to cover rainy days. Tracking solar produces about 30% more energy from the same solar PV. The self cleaning design is very nice.

  3. Thanks for sharing great and informative article


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