17 January 2012

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Relaunches Enterprise, One of the Oldest Corporate Newsletters in Sri Lanka

17th January 2012, www.ft.lk

Enterprise, the newsletter of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) was re-launched from January this year in printed format. The newsletter will be published every month featuring news and events from the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, its associations and business councils, steering committees and projects.

It will also comprise of features relevant to commerce, industry and finance as well as news from its member organisations, which makeup of top corporates and decision makers in the country.

Enterprise is one of the oldest corporate newsletters in the country with its first issue published in as far back as September 1967.

Throughout the years the newsletter has been a quarterly publication, however in order to accommodate the large number of events that take place at the CCC and to keep its members constantly updated, from 2012 the magazine will be a monthly publication.

Enterprise is distributed to members of affiliated associations, business councils of the Chamber, public sector officials, Diplomatic Missions, trade and international organisations, academia and professional bodies.
The interested public can access the newsletter on www.chamber.lk to be informed about the news as well as the upcoming events such as seminars and workshops organised by the CCC.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is an effective spokesman of the Sri Lankan business sector.
Founded in 1839, the institution has been the focal point for business contacts both locally and abroad for more than 172 years.

It has many specialised committees, affiliated associations and 21 bilateral business councils promoting international business.

Read Web Version of Enterprise Newsletter of CCC Here - January 2012

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