13 January 2012

Elevated Highways to Ease Colombo Traffic in Sri Lanka. 3 Roads Connect to Expressways Out of the City

12th January 2012, www.lankabusinessonline.com

Sri Lanka will build three elevated highways to ease traffic congestion in the capital Colombo connecting two central locations with expressways out of the city, a minister said.

Information minister Keheliya Rambukwelle said Egis Bceom International of France will carry out a feasibility study and prepare outline designs for the three expressways.

Higher economic and social development has increased traffic in the city requiring more roads, he said.

Extensive ribbon development along existing road made it impractical to widen key roads in the capital.

One elevated highway will run from Colombo's Fort area to Kottawa for 21 kilometres, where it will connect to an expressway to the island's south and an city outer circular road.

The second, also starting from Fort will run 5 kilometres to Peliyagoda where it will connect to an expressway to the country's international airport in Katunayake.

A third elevated highway will run from Colombo's Kirulapone area to Kadawatha and the outer circular road.

Several Sri Lankan universities will also assist in consultancy.

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  1. Elevated Highways - Very good idea and a pressing need as well given the ever increasing number of vehicles on Sri Lankan roads, specially Colombo.

  2. Elevated highway on columns,unlike Southern Expressway with its elevated ramp, is an ideal solution as it could avoid disturbing built up or cultivated areas -- main problem now on Southern Highway and I feel the main reason for the antagonism shown by some people by throwing stones at vehicle on the Expressway as they feel they have been cut off from the rest of their family or friends by the elevated Expressway.

    Nihal Jayasundera

  3. Highways on columns could be more expensive than raised highways on earthfilled ramps

  4. Columns or no columns, all we want is a solution to the terrible traffic on Colombo roads at peak times. Janaka


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