02 September 2009

Calamander Group's Scott Likes Sri Lanka's Agribusiness & Banking Stock

27th August 2009, www.bloomberg.com

Roman Scott, managing director of Calamander Group Pte, talks with Bloomberg's Susan Li about his investment strategy for Sri Lankan stocks.

Scott, speaking from Singapore, also discusses the island's economic growth, and overseas investments in Sri Lanka. See Video.

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  1. The Sri Lankan market has a lot of potential and has some really undervalued companies who have real book values 10 - 15 times more than the stock price.
    Tourism sector will do really well over the next year and so will the banking and the property sector.
    I have been investing in Sri Lanka for the last 5 years and always saw value in the market.
    I think this is a good start to enter the market. But, it has already gone up at least by about 50-70%.
    Before the end of the year, the market should be up about at least another 50%.


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