03 September 2009

More Villages to be Brought Under Cultivation in Vavuniya, Northern Sri Lanka

3rd September 2009, www.news.lk

Nearly 2160 acres in the 35 resettlement villages in Vavuniya will be under cultivation shortly. Northern Governor Major General G.A. Chandrasiri has issued relevant instructions to officials in this regard.

In some of these villages the Sinhalese and Muslims expected to be resettled have been permanent residents. They have taken refuge in Vavuniya, Anuradhapura and Madawachchi where relief villagers were establish due to the terrorism of the LTTE.

Dimining in the proposed 35 villagers have now come to the final phase. It is revealed that 2160 acres of paddy land and 1520 acres of cultivatable land are available in those villages.

These facts were revealed at a resettlement progress meeting held yesterday at the divisional secretariat in Vavuniya chaired by the Northern Province Governor.

The Governor ordered all Grama Niladaris' to take position in the 35 resettlement villages and stressed the necessity to sent police squads to examine the short comings and report back to him.

The cultivation will begin with the onset of the next monsoonal rains and all cultivatable land abandoned for the past two decades will be utilized.

Farmers will be given a subsidy of Rs. 4000 per acres, three bushels of paddy and fertilize free of charge supplemented by machinery supplied by the Government. 35 small irrigation tanks in the 35 villages will also be rehabilitated.

The Governor requested all state officials to seek the assistances of the security forces to ensure that all villages are mine free.

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