22 September 2009

TAFE South Australia (TAFESA) to Offer Training Courses in Sri Lanka

19th September 2009, firstlanka.com

Internationally recognized post secondary (High School) education system known as the ‘TAFE system’ which comprises job oriented training courses for youth conducted by the TAFE South Australia (TAFESA) will offer several training courses for Sri Lankans in collaboration with the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training.

Accordingly demand driven courses in Hairdressing, Bakery, Commercial Cookery, Management and Construction, Healthcare and Nursing, Construction Industry related disciplines are introduced here in Sri Lanka through the recent affiliation between the TAFESA and TAFESL established under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP).

Courses will be offered that range from Certificate to Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. TAFESA is a part of the ‘vocational education and training’ network, which ensures that learners are able to gain the skills required by employers.

The programs combine on and off the job elements to ensure the workplace relevancy of the qualifications in maintained. This combination of practical knowledge and skills give TAFE graduates the distinct advantage which helps them to gain employment in the competitive global marketplace.

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  1. hi i am nirmala completed courses in beautician, now i want to study hairdressin course, pls give full detail of courses in hairdressing. Thanks for your information


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