22 September 2009

Work on the Tallest Twin Tower in Sri Lanka to Commence Shortly

22nd September 2009, www.news.lk

Construction on what will be the tallest twin tower in Sri Lanka will commence shortly. As first step of presenting the concept, design and drawings relating to the proposed structure for the Urban Development Authority a ceremony was held in Colombo.

The project will comprise of a 40 floor commercial complex and a 70 floor Residential Tower at Battaramulla, near the UDA building.

Under the dynamic and progressive leadership of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the challenging face of the Government is represented by this significant measure of creating and redefining in place the Government infrastructures as the proposed commercial complex is being buidt up to house entirely the UDA requirements.

Speaking at the occasion Dr. Y. Kiron Kumar, CEO of Suchirindia said ‘Working in close association with Sri Lanka, its various Government representative bodies and officials has been a pleasure in view of their unending willingness to support and help on all counts.

“We hope to foot print into Colombo, Sri Lanka with this project and hope to extend it further and further into new areas,” Mr. Kumar added.

Suchirindia, a Hyderabad based business group roots in real estate, has ventured into construction of this twin towers in collaboration with NEB Rapid Infrastructure and the Government of Sri Lanka is being developed at a cost of US$ 250 million.

The 1.2 million sq.ft foot structure will be completed in a time span of 30 month and renowned Architects CPG Construction India Pvt. Ltd a subsidiary of the Singapore CPG outfit, have been appointed as the Architects of the Project.

The company is executing the project under the name 'SUCHIR NEB PROJECTS Pvt Ltd.' a special purpose vehicle (SPV) formed for this purpose along with our partners.

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