02 September 2009

Digital TV for Sri Lanka

28th August 2009, firstlanka.com

Sri Lanka as at present deploys the analog technology for terrestrial television broadcasting. Since the technological development, it is the universal trend to convert the terrestrial broadcasting to digital technology. This will result in difficulties in procurement and maintenance of analog equipment in the future. it is timely that Sri Lanka to takes step to adapt digital television transmission technology in order to keep place with the world trend, Minister of Media and Information Anura Priyadharshana Yapa told the weekly cabinet briefing held at Government Information Department.

He pointed out that the introduction of digital technology would provide the capability to transmit four-five channels instead of a single channel using a single frequency. This resulting optimal utilization of the frequency spectrum available for television broadcasting, further more the operational cost will also be reduced appreciately as well.

However when digital terrestrial television broadcasting is introduced, it would be necessary for the viewers to either procure a digital television receiver or a set box to receive the digital signal and convert the same to analog, he added.

Currently ISDB-T (Japan), ATSC (USA) and DVB-T (Europe Council) digital transmitting techniques have been adapted universally.

Most of the countries in the Asian region have adapted to use the DVB-T digital television transmission technique. taking above into consideration, TRCSL has adapted to use DVB-T technology for terrestrial television broadcasting in Sri Lanka.

With the objective of introducing digital terrestrial TV broadcasting in Sri Lanka by the year 2015 and the cabinet approved an allocation of 150 millions for Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation and Rs. 150 millions for Independent Television Network in 2010 budget, to purchase of equipments and antennas required for the digital technology.

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