17 September 2009

Sri Lanka's First 6 Star Hotel to be Set up at kalpitiya

10th September 2009, www.news.lk

A Six-Star Hotel Project is being designed for the first time in Sri Lanka targeting the development of tourism industry. The aim of the project is to bring the local tourism industry to international level by the year 2016,Tourism Ministry sources said.
The Ministry of Tourism has agreed to develop the tourism and hotel sector with the support of foreign hotel companies. Initially, a Six Star Hotel Project is planned in the Kalpitiya area. 4000 acres had been acquired. Massive development is possible in this field when international firms venture into Sri Lanka. This is a luxury hotel chain engaged in up market tourism.

According to the Ministry sources, Hilton is the only Hotel which is in operation with a foreign hotel company. Sri Lanka’s development and economic growth was severely affected due to terrorism. However, with the dawn of peace, a progmme has been undertaken to develop the country. Promoting the tourism sector is one such measure.

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