30 September 2009

UK Tour Operator Records 10,000 Tourists to Sri Lanka

30th September 2009, www.dailymirror.lk

Mercury Direct/Sunspot Tours Ltd., a tour operator in the UK, has garnered in excess of 10,000 outbound tourists to Sri Lanka for the year 2009. Geraldine Stimson, Product Director of Mercury Direct/Sunspot Tours Ltd., was pleased to have exceeded their target for this year. She added that “due to the continuous marketing support we have given for Sri Lanka, we have produced almost 10,300 pax so far. There are still a few months to go, bearing in mind that we are taking a lot of late bookings”.

This phenomenal feat was achieved through Mercury Direct/Sunspot’s aggressive advertising campaign in the UK print media, promoting Sri Lanka and its resorts.

The UK has traditionally been a stronghold for Sri Lanka in terms of inbound tourism. Post conflict, the island has seen overall tourist arrivals jump nearly 35 percent with the UK market registering nearly 17 percent increase in the month of August, compared to August 2008. This comes in the wake of the UK travel advisory on Sri Lanka being further relaxed with the end of the conflict. According the current advisory, there is now a “general” as opposed to “high” threat from terrorism.


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